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Register with Aimsecu.com

Please click the top-left corner Register” or just click here and follow the instructions. You will be sent an automatic email confirming your registration.

Choose the items for your project

Aimsecu has an abundance of safe & security products. The item page clearly shows its model, vendor, quantity, price, features, specification and so on. You only need to add the items into your project. You also can manage a project by setting categories, for instant,           you can make a project namedhotel” and divide into categories like reception” ,rooms, kitchen.

Request quotation for price guarantee

After editing the right address and choosing the apposite shipping option, we suggest you click the top-right corner Request Quotation. The quotation will guarantee the quoted price not changed for 30 days.

Convert to order

Ensure the accuracy of items in your quotation and click the top-right corner Convert to order.


There are 3 payment methods to select: Credit Card/paypal/TT. Sign in your payment account

And finish the purchase. You will be sent an automatic email infoms your paying.

Order status

Unpaid: Usually the order will be cancelled in 24 hours under the unpaid status.

Unconfirmed: After your paying, the supplier need to comfirm the order.

Producing: Supplier comfirms the order and prepares the products.

Shipments: The items ordered are sent to Aimsecu shipping center and we will deliver the items by the shipping method you chose.

Arrived: The logistic system automatically changes the status.

Received: The logistic system automatically changes the status.

Completed: After getting the items, you can click the bottom and complete the trade.

Canceled: The order unwanted.

Unusual: Unexpected situation.

After-sales: Repair, return or refund if the item is not as described.


After you've ordered from seller, you can leave feedback and ratings to let other customers know about your experience. The seller rating system is 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best. Before you leave a critical feedback, make sure that you've given the seller every       chance to resolve the issue first. Belows are suggestions.Aimsecu reserves the right to remove feedback that violates Aimsecu policies.

How satisfied were you with how your order was packaged and shipped? (for products)

How was the work quality and professionalism of the provider? (for services)

Did you get good customer service and prompt resolution? (if applicable)

What could have been improved about your experience?

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