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Automation & OnePlace Peace of Mind

As we envision our technology life where automation takes most of the jobs done, we strive to be the first
B2B platform that provides Automated Order & Shipping Process in the security industry of China.
A process that communicates between thousands of certified AimSecu manufactures(vendors) and countless of
professional system integrators globally. Placing a large amount of order with oversea manufactures for your
critical & time-concerning project has never been easier. Not to mention we’re available 24/7/365 online and the
only OnePlace you work with products, shipments, shipping and all other services.

Solution Builder Tool& Project Templates

System integrator gets suggestion from Solution Builder – a smart project building tool that guides you through the product selection and
integration suggestion.

  • Select a solution category
  • Pick the area of industry
  • Get a project template
  • Adjust your preference
  • Save it to your project list

The tool will suggest Project Templates based on the industry of service area and type of project you’re interested such as “CCTV Installation for Hotel” or “Access Control Installation for Bank”. Project Templates provides a quick way of selecting right products with appropriate scenario. It can be your project starter and is very handy for you to start crafting a project right on our platform with Solution Builder.

Generate Quick Estimate (For Your Client)

Whether you’re a system integrators or corporate purchaser, time is money! We know how much “time” means to you, therefore, Project List can
help you gather a quick estimate for YOUR client instantly and effortlessly.

Connecting Manufactures& You

AimSecu have worked very closely with tech-oriented manufactures to ensure and provide latest and
greatest, highly qualified, and speedy delivery of security products to your hand. With our technology
know-how and innovative platform, we believe we can help thousands of system integrators, importer,
and even YOU to connect with our biggest security resource platform and manufactures. In addition,
you have a better channel to communicate, learn, and purchase from thousands of quality vendors
globally at your fingertips.